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Zevia - All Natural Stevia Sweetened Soda

If you have never heard of Zevia before, it's a zero calorie brand of all natural soda sweetened with stevia. They have a large variety of flavors to choose from.
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If you have never heard of Stevia, by definition it is:
 [stee-vee-uh, stev-ee-uh]noun
  1. a South American perennial shrub, Stevia rebaudiana, having small, white flowers and sweet-tasting leaves
  2. a noncaloric, powdered sweetener made from glycosideextracts of the leaves of this shrub.

With the introductions out of the way..

Before going Non-Toxic, I was a total cola-head. I loved having a glass with lunch, dinner and possibly somewhere in between, as well. (Looking back, I gross myself out!) 

I knew that the cola had to go once we made our final decision to get rid of HFCS, artificial sweeteners, etc., for good (we had given it a halfhearted approach before, but had never made it a definitive rule prior to now) and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try out Zevia, and share it with my Hammer clan and friends. (this post will be updated once more after all feedback has been submitted)

We received a large flat of sodas to try and review. The flavors in our pack were:

Ginger Root Beer
Dr. Zevia
Black Cherry
Grapefruit Citrus
Cream Soda
Lemon Lime Twist
Mountain Zevia
Ginger Ale
Caffeine Free Cola
and Grape

Outside of the self-explanatory flavors, (orange, grape, cola, etc) we were able to decipher what flavor would labeled under names such as, “Dr. Zevia”, “Mountain Zevia” and “Lemon Lime Twist” from our already brand-washed brains. 

I’ve always been a “regular cola” drinker, with some variety flavors on rare occasions. I went for the Zevia Cola first to see how it matched up. I must say, to be completely honest and fair, the first 2 sips had me wondering what I had gotten into. I had never tried stevia before, so I didn’t know what to expect from it. It’s almost a tart sweetener, but there is no lingering aftertaste (whew). Although it was different from my regular cola, by the end of the can I was completely satisfied by the taste.
What I thought was just SO neat, was that the lack of artificial coloring made my orange soda (which tasted very much like “normal” orange soda!) CLEAR. I’ve never had orange soda that wasn’t, well, orange! Never in my life did I think I would get so excited about the lack of color in my beverage, but this was a really interesting attribute to my first experience of  all natural sodas.

Our daughters, Gabby and Lily (5 and 3 ½ respectfully) love the Ginger Ale and Cream Soda. The Cream Soda smells like a dessert-style fountain soda, and I really wish we had some ice cream to make floats. Speaking of, the Ginger Root Beer would have been PERFECT for a soda float!

Mr. NTH was a complete mountain dew-a-holic prior to our lifestyle changes, and I do believe he is content with Mountain Zevia as a replacement for it. His other favorites included the Dr. Zevia, Orange and Ginger Root Beer.

I had tried the Black Cherry flavor, and personally, I was not a fan of it at all. Mr. NTH on the other hand thought it wasn't bad. The other least favorite of mine was the Grapefruit Citrus. It's not a bad flavor at all, I just preferred the other flavors more.

Overall, we were very pleased with this brand of soda, and I believe that we have found another suitable replacement in our life-altering mission.

Interested in learning more about Zevia soda? Check in with them on:

*Disclaimer: These items were given to NTH for free for the purpose of review. The fact the items were free does not equal a positive review. These are our honest opinions and yours may vary from ours.

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