Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kicking Horse Coffee Review

I love coffee. I would go as far as to say, I am happily addicted to coffee.

I love the smell.

I love the taste.

I love the pep I get on a slow day.

I love anything that's Kick Ass.

It's Bold.       
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If you're not comfortable reading/seeing the word, "Kick Ass," you should know it will be all over this post, as I can't help what the company named their coffee.
Like I said before, I love coffee. A lot. When we changed up the rules for the foods we'd be eating, I kept onto my old coffee brand until it was done. When I had to replace it, I found Kicking Horse Coffee company.

Kicking Horse has quite a few flavors to choose from.

Like all good coffee selections, Kicking Horse rates their coffee by aroma, acidity, body and flavor (that's the former barista in me coming out).

Kick Ass is a dark coffee and is advertised as having a sweet, smoky, and audacious taste. As you can see from the chart above, it's a mix of both Indonesian and Central American roasts, which I thought was probably why it's such a bold roast.

Kicking Horse Coffee comes in a recycled steel can. Using those cans lessens their energy production by 75% and it can later be recycled; an infinite amount of times. Although I'm pretty sure I'm just going to keep a can of Kick Ass around..

Their coffee also comes in whole bean. I borrowed my parents electric coffee bean grinder, and poured it back in the can. The girls love the smell of coffee, too. They helped with pouring the beans in the grinder, and pushing the button to start it.

Not only is their packaging recyclable, Kicking Horse Coffee is also a pioneer in the Fair Trade movement for coffee. Did you know? Coffee is the largest cash crop in the world, and second to oil - it's the largest commodity traded.

Inside the KHC Cafe
Kicking Horse Coffee comes from British Columbia, Canada and is now Canada's #1 organic Fair Trade coffee. If you're interested more in fair trade (and you should be. Without our farmers and their farms, we don't eat), go here

Recyclable can, Fair Trade, what else? K.H.C is also ORGANIC. That makes ME very happy! The company says it themselves, exactly what I would like to say about why organic is important here,

"....biodiversity and sustainable farming practices offer superior quality and maintain healthy, balanced ecosystems. It's not rocket science. We just think it's doing business the right way. We think organic is all around good; good for you, good for coffee farmers and good for the environment."

I really like everything the company stands for, plus the taste of the coffee was really, super delicious. I've heard from other people who've tried it, that it was really strong or was too much caffeine, but I didn't have that experience.

You can shop their online store here. Also, make sure you're connected with us (via home page connection icons) to stay informed about our very own Kick Ass giveaway coming soon! This giveaway will be our FIRST giveaway open to residents of Canada as well as the U.S, spread the word! :)

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*Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purpose of review. I was not reimbursed monetarily. All opinions are my own.
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  1. I used to be addicted to coffee. I would drink pots of it a day and if I was still addicted to it I would definetly be drinking this coffee!! Thanks for the awesome review.

  2. This looks great! I do love coffee and would definitely love to give this a run around my kitchen!

  3. "Did you know? Coffee is the largest cash crop in the world, and second to oil - it's the largest commodity traded."
    Of course! We are as addicted to oil money as we are coffee! ;) Great review and I REALLY want to try that coffee. I'm just as addicted, i have a coffee aroma candle and i grind my own beans. I want to french press soon, as i hear it makes a good bit of difference. Anyway, entering!

  4. Great review! Im a coffee addict as well. I even work for a coffee company. Very rarely will you see me without a coffee in hand lol! This sounds like really "kick ass" stuff :)

  5. I love coffee!! Sounds awesome and I'd really like to drink some...

  6. I love everything that you love too!! lets have a kick ass coffee early morning love fest. You bring the beans!!