Thursday, September 6, 2012

Newman's Own Organics

We recently got in a HUGE box of organic packaged foods from Newman's Own Organics.  I was so surprised to see all (over 20 items!) of the products in the box, but I was even more excited to try them all out.

So, what was in the box you ask?

Orange Chocolate Chip
Alphabet Chocolate
Ginger Snap
Cinnamon Hermits
Fig Newman's
Newman-O's Original
Newman-O's Hint-o-Mint
Ginger-O's Ginger' N Creme
Double Chocolate Chip

Licorice Twists:
Sour Apple
Sour Cherry
Sour Mango
Sour Strawberry
Black Licorice

Spelt Pretzels
High Protein 


Dark Chocolate
Super Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa
Mocha Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Espresso Dark Chocolate
Orange Dark Chocolate

Dried Fruit:


WHEW... that's a whole lot of yum! :)

When it comes to the cookies we got, the Newman-O's taste remarkably similar to Oreos. It's hard to tell the difference, although to be honest, I think that the chocolate cookie part is better than Oreo cookies. The alphabet cookies were totally cute for the children, they liked spelling things out. I tucked 5 cookies in her lunch, that spelled out "Gabby" for our oldest. The orange chocolate chip cookies ARE SO GOOD! They have just the right ratio of orange flavor to chocolate chips. Oh, just perfect!
Ken liked the hermits, but I was a little put off by their texture. I'm picky when it comes to my cookies! The Fig Newman's were everything I had hoped they would be and again, I feel as though they were better than their popular brand equivalent.

All of the licorice twists are yummy. The sour ones are SO INCREDIBLY yummy. I don't like black licorice, but I had someone else who does try them for me and the news is that they are VERY good! I love the sour cherry ones the most!

The spelt pretzels are lightly salted and a really airy hard pretzel. I love ALL pretzels though, and neither of these kinds disappointed me. They made great after school snacks, too!

The mints come in the COOLEST looking tins ever. I'll be saving them all, not sure what I'll store in there yet but they are worthy of holding on to. I really like the ginger mints the most, the ginger is a little "spicy" but it helped with an upset stomach one day - I was sold.

All of the chocolate is delicious. I can't even pretend one was less delicious than another. All of them are very top quality, chocolate that is just silky and dreamy. The orange dark chocolate may have been my favorite - or the espresso dark chocolate? It could have even been the mocha milk chocolate! Well, no, I prefer dark.. oh boy :) I love them all.

Both of the dried fruits were tasty, and I added some dried cranberries to a trail mix I made. I might hold onto the rest of the cranberries to add to biscotti cookies soon.

The amazingly generous people at Newman's Own Organics said I could share 4 of my favorite products with one lucky reader, and not only that, but they said they would also throw in something extra for that person! Wow!

So, are you ready to win?

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